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This page contains free guides to building band websites, getting good band photos, getting band merchandise, copyrighting songs/albums, ordering professional quality cds of your music, getting good quality youtube videos, publicizing your band, and more.


Legalizing Your Songs

U. S. Copyright Office

Copyright Basics

Copyright Fees

Copyright Frequently Asked Questions

Performing Live

Good Information about booking gigs for Club Owners, Bands, and their roles.  This article has some useful information about the problem of low paying gigs.


Vocalists Guide to Recording, Rehearsing, and Performing

15 Reasons Why Some Artists Fail And Some Succeed

How do you achieve success as an indie artist.

Database of clubs that hire live bands.

Stage Fright! Overcoming Music Performance Anxiety

iPad users may be interested in Converting PDF files to OnSong format.

Creating flyers online for free.  Watch the video here.

Booking Agents in Great Britain

Getting Music To The Public

Funding your project.  Check out  Kickstarter is a funding platform for creative projects.  In the case of musicians, we can set a realistic goal to raise money for a CD project.  Create a video describing yourself or your band for the website.  Offer good rewards for your backers to receive more funding.  You must sell your project to potential backers.  For best results, keep the goal within reason.  If you promote yourself right, you can get proper funding for your project.

How to Get a Song Played on the Radio.

How to Submit Your Music for Programming on XM Radio.

RadioSubmit gives record labels and artists the ability to distribute hi bitrate broadcast quality music and promotion material to radio stations around the world.

Reasons Why Local Artists Don’t Get Signed.

How to get your music on Pandora radio.  (Pandora radio has a Louisiana Music Channel.)

Another article about getting your music on Pandora radio.

Music Career Killers article.

10 Music Publicity Hacks.

Advice to Young Bands, Tour, Tour, Tour.

How to turn YouTube views into sales:  youtubeguide

Holiday Songs: A Guide to Copyrights, Mechanical Licenses, and Christmas Songs.  HolidayMusicLicensing2011   Here’s another one:  FactSheet-PDChristmasSongs

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