NoLaMA Radio

radio sm(Click on the Earth, or here, to open NoLaMA Radio)

NoLaMA Radio is your home for the best local artists throughout North Louisiana. 

Operated by musicians in North Louisiana, for musicians in North Louisiana, NoLaMA Radio is the only place where you can hear the broad range of independent artists in all genres including but not limited to Americana, Blues, Rock, Rhythm and Blues, Electronica, Country, and many more.  NoLaMA Radio’s sole purpose is not to make money but to have another avenue to reach potential fans.

Here are the guidelines to add your music to NoLaMA Radio:

  1. As this is not a money making venture, each song will be added into the rotation at a cost of $1.00 per song per year.  (click on the PayPal link below)  This money will pay for the monthly fees to have the station online.  For more information on the pricing of this radio station, please email me at
  2. You must live in or be from North Louisiana to submit a song(s).
  3. Songs must be studio quality.  This doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune on studio time.  Most musicians these days have audio software or a portable studio system.  Quality is of the utmost importance.
  4. Songs must be radio-friendly.  Songs with offensive language will keep some listeners from coming back.  Don’t limit your music’s playability.
  5. The song will be uploaded to the radio station as an mp3.  You can email your music in mp3 format or mail your CDs to the address below.

Address: Brad Dison
7167 hwy 155
Saline, La.  71070


To make donations to NoLaMA Radio, please click the donate button.



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