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You can also purchase the CD in these locations:

  • Alexandria
    Cenla Music
    3404 Jackson Street
    Alexandria, LA 71301
  • Bossier City
    the String Shop
    601 Benton Road Sq. #7
    Bossier City, La  71111
    (318) 746-6417
  • Monroe
    Zeagler Music
    1401 N.18th St.
    Monroe, La 71201

1.  Momma, Rock Me – Charli Gentry, Shreveport, La
http://www.facebook.com/Charlimgentry   email: charlimgentry@gmail.com   318-752-4454

Charli Gentry started playing when she was 10 years old on her first guitar paid for with 7 ¼ books of S&H Green Stamps. Her best investment, she claims, was a 99 cent book, “Learn To Play Guitar In 7 Days (or your money back).”  Several years of guitar lessons later, Charli teaches beginners to enjoy playing as well.  Charli is a singer/songwriter born in Vivian, Louisiana currently living in Shreveport.

“Momma Rock Me” was written in 1979 by Charli Gentry as a tribute to her mother.

2. Offshore – Josh Hyde and the Hitchhikers, Alexandria, La.
www.JoshHyde.com   email: harmony@suddenlinkmail.com

Josh Hyde spent most of his youth in Baton Rouge and New Orleans.  The echos of blues, jazz and zydeco were part of the landscape. Some of the local influences were Tabby Thomas, Larry Garner, and Silas Hogan.  A singer/songwriter and guitarist, in 1998 he produced his first CD entitled “All You Need Is Soul.”  Since then he has released two more independent CDs- “The Edge of Love” and “Dark Side.”

“Offshore” is a song about High Infidelity on the Gulf Coast.  This was written in Natchitoches with my friend Brett Brunson.  It was inspired by a friend who’s husband worked offshore at the time.

3. Rock & Roll Man – John Barrell, Alexandria, La.
http://www.reverbnation.com/johnbarrell   jbbarrell@suddenlink.net

John Barrell has been living and playing in various bands in Alexandria, Louisiana since 1982. His latest musical project, TRANSITIONS, is a compilation of his various styles, influences and talents as a musician. Along with being a strong vocalist, his primary musical instruments of choice are Rhythm Guitar and 12-String, but is also accomplished at the Bass and Lead guitar and some Ukulele.

Take a little Chuck Berry swing, some harmony from the Beatles and some in your face KISS attitude and put it on a runaway freight train and you get the sound of “ROCK & ROLL MAN”; a song about a woman who just doesn’t realize that what she’s lusting after is what she already has.

4. The List – Prestor John, Shreveport, La.
www.PrestorJohn.com   email: Prestor.john.GO@gmail.com

Prestor John is a Power Pop/Garage Rock band from the Louisiana swamps with one goal – to make you dance. The boys accomplish their mission with groovy electrified riffs interlaced with a whirlwind of percussion and hypnotic crooning, a formula the band has affectionately come to call “the boogie.”

The List, written by Jimmie B with instrumentation from former guitarist Johnnie Hollis, is about heartbreak and healing, and attempts to work through that progression of feelings and emotions we all have to conquer – confusion, despair, and the inevitable meltdown that seems to follow before we can begin the journey back to stability.

5.  In Your Arms I’m Home – Philip Nelson, Monroe, La.
www.PhilipNelsonMusic.com   email: me@philipnelson.org

Having jammed with the likes of Jon Anderson of Yes, Pat Dininzio of The Smithereens and Grammy Nominee Peter Himmelman, Philip Nelson certainly has no shortage of top-notch experience under his belt. His inaugural album, “Adventures from the Road,” began with an impromptu songwriting session with the legendary Himmelman. Nelson eventually recorded a single, “Racing Off to Nowhere,” with the Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter, which catapulted him into the extraordinary efforts that have resulted in his first LP.

6. Give Me the Serum, I’ll Inject it Myself – Anything But What I Am, Shreveport, La.
Facebook Page   Soundcloud Page   email: omghi@att.net

The band currently consists of only two members, Michael Allen and Daniel Palmer.  We have been friends and have written music together for approximately 13 years.  Michael writes and performs all music recorded, and signs backup vocals, and Daniel writes all vocals and signs lead vocals.  Our band name is really more of a project name than anything.  It could change in time, if we could ever find something we feel comfortable being labeled as.

The song “Give Me The Serum, I’ll Inject It Myself” was written about failed interrogations.  It’s making a point to give someone the hard truth rather than trying to comfort the lies.  Give me the serum, I’ll inject it myself.

7.  What Ya Gonna Do? – RELIX, Alexandria, La.
http://www.reverbnation.com/relix101   email: relix@suddenlink.net

If you like your rock classic (and not so classic) then RELIX is the band for you! Together since late 2006 and with an accumulative 120 years of experience in a variety of styles, RELIX has a little bit of something to please just about everyone! RELIX plays all over the state of Louisiana and has headlined the Natchitoches Meat Pie Festival.

“WHAT YA GONNA DO?” infuses good old fashioned Blues with a little bit of Classic Rock.  It’s the kind of song that you drown your sorrows to with beer in a smoky bar while thinking about the hard work you do only to come home and find your woman has done you wrong… put down that gun ‘fore ya do something you might regret! What ya gonna do?

8.  Louisiana Sweat – Brad Dison, Saline, La.
www.BradDisonLive.com    email: bradsarcade@yahoo.com

Inspired by Charlie Daniels’s “The Devil Went Down To Georgia,” Brad began learning the fiddle at the age of seven.  His interest in music grew and he began to play drums, bass, and guitar.  He received no formal drum, bass, or guitar training but played records over and over again, trying to mimic the sounds of the 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s.   Brad’s favorites include Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughn, and Chet Atkins.

“Louisiana Sweat” is a tale about a relationship between two teenagers and an unhappy father, Tom Thibodeaux.  Brad wrote “Louisiana Sweat” after a boat ride in an alligator-infested Louisiana swamp.  One house in particular caught his eye.  Alone on a small island, it was completely surrounded by alligators.  Brad began to envision the difficulties that could arise from the isolation and dangers surrounding the house.  Brad plays all of the instruments and sings all of the vocals in the song.

9.  Gone Without A Trace – Billy O’Con, Natchitoches, La.
www.facebook.com/BillyOConMusic   www.youtube.com/user/billyocon1   email: billyocon1@gmail.com

Playing music since the age of 8, Billy O’Con has played with many bands.   Notably he played guitar for power house singer, Tareva Henderson, Blues Legend Betty Lewis, and has headlined and opened for many nationally known acts at festivals across Louisiana, Arkansas, and Texas. Billy also played the part of Jim Croce in the documentary “Last Night In Natchitoches”, which won Best Music Documentary in The New York International/Independent Film Festival in 2002.

The song “Gone Without A Trace” came from playing as the house band in an after hours club from 11:00 till 4:00 in the morning and then working a job all day long. Thus the lines,”I don’t know if I’m coming or I’m going”–“I don’t know if It’s night time or It’s morning”. Billy was a finalist in The John Lennon International Songwriting Contest with this song in 2009.

10. Can’t Get Enough – Chasing Daylight, Columbia, La.
www.thedaylightchasers.com   email: daylightchasers@aol.com

From the ashes of local bands such as Sugarfoot, Soul Fuel, and Zerotolerence comes Chasing Daylight.  Known for their wide range of covers and ridiculous stage antics, these guys have taken the local scene by storm.  Whether it be the 3 piece acoustic band, 5 piece original/party band, or just Brandon Waters solo,  good times are guaranteed!

“Can’t Get Enough” is a journey through the mind of guitarist Chris McBroom.  Fueled by his ADD and social anxiety, the song is about the same girl, although the story of how they met changes from verse to verse.  Don’t worry even though the he couldn’t remember the correct story, it all worked out in the end.

11. Everything But Mayo – Ian Quiet, Shreveport, La.
www.reverbnation.com/ianquiet   email: vu1can@yahoo.com

My music is an exploration of our world in all of its various and eccentric forms. I take elements from different genres, usually in underground electronic dance music, and tweak them to create a story or an impression of a certain mood. Most of the time I do this in a way that’s fun and catchy and will get your head bobbin’ and your body rockin’!

True story. All I wanted everyday was a foot long Veggie Delight from Subway with everything but mayo. Despite being a regular at Subway for longer than I care to admit and ordering the SAME foot long sandwich, the employees were NEVER able to understand my SIMPLE request for EVERYTHING BUT MAYO!!!

12.  Embarcadaro – The David Hanson Project, Shreveport, La.
http://www.facebook.com/davidh915   email: davidh915@live.com

Since 2005, David Hanson has been the lead axeman for three-piece band “The Voodudes” (featuring Glen Graves) and is a former player in the 80s/90s area bands Rock Candy, Mister Know-It-All and Anxious, among others, opening the show for many national acts, such as Loverboy, Great White, Robin Trower and more. Hanson began playing guitar at the age of 11 and soon after put his first band together with Robin Vosbury and his brother Keith, called The New Breeze.

“Embarcadaro” is the lone instrumental from the 10-song “Tools of the Trade” CD. The song title, Embarcadaro, was inspired by a visit to San Francisco and a main city street of the same name that runs along the bay. Kick back, crank it up and “embark” on a musical journey with David Hanson on guitars, Rob Brazzel on keys, Ray VanNess on bass and Ronnie “Blonde Ron” Smith on drums.  Listen to Embarcadaro and ask yourself, “Is this major motion picture soundtrack material?”

13.  Big Star Bound For Nashville – Edd Greer, Monroe, La.

Edd Greer performed for years in concerts, fairs, festivals, and recorded his first record and CMT video in 1988. In 2001, Edd signed recording contract with Nashville’s Castle/Tower Records.  Edd has 5 albums;  “OVERDRIVE,” “INTO YOU,” “ROLLIN,” “NASHVILLE TO HOLLYWOOD,” and “BLUES BLUES BLUES.”  Edd’s music awards include; Broadcast Male Artist of the Year 2003, Entertainer of the Year 2004, and Blues Male Vocal of Year 2006.  In 2012 Edd’s music was certified into the Louisiana Music Hall of Fame.  Edd has performed and toured throughout the south, from Nashville to Salt Lake City, Hollywood, Atlantic City, New York, and London England.

Edd wrote “Big Star Bound for Nashville” after he had just signed a recording contract in Nashville.  He wanted to tell the story of his struggle from “a shotgun house in a Louisiana cotton field,” to his success in Nashville.  The long lonely road to Nashville didn’t end in Nashville, but took him to Hollywood, and to international success.

14.  Oil Stain’d Eyes – the Aftermath, Stonewall, La.

15. No Mercy – Brett Brunson, Natchitoches, La.
http://www.facebook.com/brett.brunson.9   email: brunsonlaw@cp-tel.net

As a military brat, Brett grew up on various air force bases across the country and overseas. He settled in Natchitoches and has been active on the local music scene for many years, both as a solo performer and as a member of several bands. He collaborated with Josh Hyde on writing several songs in 2007, which resulted in 3 years of performing with Josh Hyde & the Hitchhikers and assisting Josh with his latest CD, “Where To Start.”  Since then he has worked on a solo CD project which has just been completed under the title “Crazy Love.”

No Mercy is a song about a man being wrongly accused and convicted of murder.  It was recorded by David Praett of Alexandria and features Gabe Guillory on bass and harmony vocals and Jamey Bell on drums.

Contact NoLaMA at bradsarcade@yahoo.com


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