Used Gear

Do you have some gear you want to sell?  Click on the Facebook guitar pick below.  It will take you to the Musical Gear For Sale In North Louisiana group page.  You can post pictures, information, and price in that group.  This group is open to anyone.

Contact NoLaMA at


4 comments on “Used Gear

  1. Marshal cab-$250 a little road worn but still sounds great!
    Dean 4 string bass – $75 would be great for someone just starting out
    Pearl 4 piece w/ cracked cymbals- $250, again, great for beginners!

    $500 takes the whole lot! Send me an email at
    Or text 318235956 seven

  2. Music City Productions has for sale
    4- Community XLT 215 subs cost $1500 new will sell for $500 each great shape
    4- JBL 212 w/ 2″horns $500 each
    4- P audio mon. 12″ 1 ” horn $150 each
    2- Yamaha P3500 pwoer amps $300 each
    1- Whirlwind 16 x 4 100ft sanke $250
    1 Ramsa 840 sound console 40x8x2 2 power suppys and road case $1500
    would take $5000 for everything or call

  3. ‎4 Q wave 15″ with 4″ horn 2000 watt mon. cost 1499.00 new will sell for 450.00 each or 1600.00 for all 4, also 4 Community XLT pro series mon. 1200.00 new each 1500 for all 4 all in great shape and in great working condition

  4. Moving bass equipment that is just taking up room now. One Fender BXR 100, $150.00; one SWR Basic 350 head, $200.00, a 410 XLT cabinet with cover, $150.00.

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